Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Raffi Ahmad

Raffi Ahmad who has full name Faridz Raffi Ahmad (born in Bandung, West Java, February 17, 1987; age 22 years) is the emcee, actor and singer who came from Indonesia.

Biografi The eldest of 3 brothers pairs Munawar Ahmad (late) and Amy was initiated Qanita curry as host. Besides the host and commercials, he also cast soap opera and a wide screen.

After supporting roles in his first soap opera, Tunjuk Satu Bintang, the new Raffi skyrocketed in Senandung Masa Puber where he became the protagonist with Bunga Citra Lestari. After that, Raffi constantly appeared in soap operas, soap operas and even FTV teen movie. There was his first film Ghost In The school became acting Raffi evidence that counts. Not satisfied with the soap operas, movies, advertising and presenter, Sam then tried the pull the sound. Raffi reportedly been incorporated in the radio band where he became a drummer and a vocalist Irwansyah artist.

At the end of 2006, musician Joey Ayala group held a casting for vokal Bukan Bintang Biasa (BBB is dedicated to players teen soap opera Indonesia. Finally elected Raffi, Jimmy Chintya Bella (former boyfriend Raffi), Chelsea Olivia Wijaya, Dimas Beck, and Regis. Their first single, Let's Dance Together in the market was well received. They also starred in their first movie titled BBB (Bukan Bintang Biasa) directed by Fauzia Lasja. BBB back with a new single titled Bukan Bintang Biasa the most popular teenagers. beduet with Sam Milby also in the song Do not Tell no.

In 2008, Raffi acting career more shine. Laudya Chintya former lover appeared in the movie Bella besutan Wild and Soejarwo Rudi Asoy Responses. And the increasingly driving up the current name is a music program that brought Strikes RCTI with two multi-talent artist Luna Maya and Olga Syahputra.

The end of 2008, Raffi had established the love with Tyas Mirasih and Velove Vexia back with BBB vocal group launched a new single called Putus Nyambung and it exploded in the market. This at once dismissed the notion that BBB vocal group only for a moment. Raffi plans with BBB will get back together in new film follows a soundtrack album. Reportedly, Raffi will be a duet with Jimmy Chintya Bella.

In addition to a brilliant career, Raffi not be separated from his love story. Ranging from fabric to do with Jimmy Chintya Bella, pesinetron Bunga Zainal, Rachael Galih, Tyas Mirasih, Velove Vexia, and the most excited talking about today are nostalgic relation to the singer Yuni Shara. This age difference couples are often seen out with in several occasions.

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